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Rum Island Retreat in the heart of North Central Florida offers beautiful woodland paths and restful scenery for your meditation retreat.  The cabin can accommodate up to 10 guests, and there is plenty of room for camping on the grounds at our private cabin retreat.  Also available is an outdoor tub and bathhouse along with a fire pit and plenty of outdoor seating on our large patio with summer kitchen.  And you can walk down a short path to the crystal clear natural spring for a swim at Rum Island Spring directly adjacent to our rental cabin.  Read more about our Florida meditation retreat accommodations.

More About Meditation

When you are looking for positively effective self-worth activities, meditation is going to offer you the most enduring results and the fastest. Any type of activities to boost self-worth have to involve reconstructing the unconscious mind and meditation is the most effective way to do that. But these are sometimes done while the brain is in the high frequency range of beta. Beta is the mental state that we are sometimes in when completely awake, alert, and engaged in problem-solving activities. While these activities are fine, their effect can be short lived as they don’t address amassed negativism that exists in the unconscious mind. When you’re in these lower ranges, you can start to make the mandatory alterations to the subconscious.

Meditation is well known as a brilliant strategy for cutting stress, but more significantly, it is meditation is the method to get brainwaves into the essential meditative ranges of alpha and theta. The reality is, many of us can not possibly be nearly as good as those priests who’ve had years of quietude to practice intense meditation. You could be stunned to find out you can meditate for only 1 to 8 minutes a day and still be well placed to enjoy each advantage of meditation received by folk who meditate for ages.

Incorporate meditation through your day when you’ve got to be centered and pointed. Do a fast meditation next time you’ve got to attend a vital meeting, give a lecture, or need to make a good initial impression and you will be astonished by the result.

Looking for a place to hold your next Meditation Retreat in Florida? Check out our spiritual retreat accommodations here at Rum Island Retreat.

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