Enjoy Kayaking, Canoeing and Swimming from Our Florida River Cabin on the Santa Fe River

Cabin for rent on the Santa Fe River in Florida

Florida River Cabin on the Santa Fe

Visit us at our cozy Florida river cabin rental at Rum Island Retreat next to the Santa Fe River, for kayaking, canoeing and swimming in the clear springs.

The Santa Fe River is a 75-mile river in northern Florida. The watershed of this typical river is approximately 1,380 square miles, spreading across several counties. The headwaters of the river are Lake Santa Fe, near Keystone Heights. The Santa Fe River often is a slow-flowing river. This slow speed, combined with the leaves falling from nearby trees, encourages an exceptionally dark-brown river.

The Santa Fe River is unusual in the it completely disappears underground and then reappears 3 miles (4.8 km) downstream. The river drops with a large sinkhole in O’Leno Public venue and reappears inside the adjacent River Rise Preserve State Park. A map of a typical watershed clearly shows the gap throughout river where it flows underground. Numerous springs, many of that happen to be unnamed, can be found along at the banks of your river, mostly downstream of the river’s reappearance above ground level.

From your Florida river rental cabin at Rum Island, you are able to put in your kayak or canoe (rentals nearby) and also visit many springs an hour’s paddle or less, for example Blue Spring, Poe Spring and Lily Spring.

The water temperature close to the numerous springs, for example Rum Island—a well-kept local secret–is always around 72 °F. There have been sightings of unusual critters, including the bear, the endangered Florida panther, bobcat, and due to the near-constant water temperatures along the river, manatees in the winter months when they migrate to the area. When it comes to many rivers in Florida, plant and animal fossil remnants are found a lot around cabins on the Santa Fe River.

For only a private, relaxing rental river cabin in Florida, come stay with us at Rum Island Retreat the Santa Fe River, and revel in kayaking, canoeing, swimming and a lot more.

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