Comparing a Florida Vacation Home to a Hotel

Vacation Home in Florida

Florida Vacation Home

Renting a Florida vacation home is a great way to enjoy a Florida vacation. Florida vacation homes can be booked year-round. Besides the fabulous vacation homes you have to choose from in Florida, there is so much to do while on vacation.  And it’s so much better to have your own rental home instead of a hotel room.

You can easily find Florida woodlands that are great for hiking. There is a wide variety of water sports such as fishing, scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking and more to be found in Florida.

With so much to enjoy while in Florida, why stay in a cramped hotel room at a time when you want to really relax and enjoy your time together? Instead of being stuck in a single hotel room, you can be together while having your own rooms with the space and comfort that comes with Florida vacation homes.

Is having your privacy important? There is very little privacy in a hotel room, of course. A Florida vacation home affords you lots of privacy. How about a bedroom for mom and dad with separate beds and rooms for the kids or friends? Everyone sleeps better! After all, the idea is to rest up while on vacation, right?

Bathrooms? In a hotel, there will likely be only one bathroom. You will enjoy two or more bathrooms in most vacation homes. Use the refrigerator to keep the drinks chilled and enjoy anytime you want. And you might want to sit down to a home-cooked meal made in your own vacation home away from home.

If you are staying in a hotel, in the commons area, you are sharing it with strangers. In your own vacation rental home, you share the common space with your family and friends, the way you want it while on vacation!

Whether you will vacation during the hot busy summer months, the leisurely fall months or in the thankfully non-frozen winter months, you will be glad you stayed in a vacation home while visiting Florida.

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